The Hopewell Bowling Center

115 South 15th Ave, Hopewell, VA. 23860


The Hopewell Bowling Center was built in 1955 by a group of investors including my father Micheal Zevgolis. He owned and operated the center up until is death in 2012. The center is still currently owned by the Zevgolis' family. 

Over the years, the bowling center opened with pin boys setting up the pins and returning the bowling balls to the bowlers. Shortly thereafter, bowling machines were installed and eventually eliminated pin boys.

in 1972, we replaced the original bowling machines with the current machines that we have today. in 1996, my father had automatic scoring installed. The scoring system was the latest advancement in bowling scoring technology. Subsequently, we have continued to update the system and it is still the most advanced system in the area.

After my father passing in 2012 along with sentiment and encouragement from the community,the family decided to continue to keep the center open. Since then, we have made several changes to open up the sight lines,traffic flow, and brighter lighting. We have added new comfortable seating,new air conditioning system,updated our Snack Bar, and expanded our menu.

We want to Thank you for looking us up on the web. We hope that you will visit us real soon.

Robert Zevgolis, Vice President